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Recruitment that harnesses talent

If you are starting the new year by searching for a new role, you may be updating or re-writing your CV, It can be difficult to get everything right.

Writing your CV is your chance to make a good impression and stand out from the other applicants. At we offer general interview tips for candidates but your CV is your one chance to offer a potential employer a description of who you are as a person: your skill set, your qualifications and your best attributes.

Here are some things to avoid when writing your CV

Do Not Send An Old CV - If you have not updated your CV in months, or even years it will not sell you as effectively as it could

Avoid Sending A Generic CV - Lack of Customisation makes your CV look just like the rest, take out outdated statements and customise it

Do Not Submit a CV Longer than Two Pages - This should help to keep your CV specific to the job role at hand

Spelling Mistakes and Poor Grammar - Entrust friends or family to proof-read your CV and help spot any mistakes

Generalising - Do not make a sweeping statement without experience or qualifications to back it up. You don't have to explain everything that you have ever done but tell employers about your strengths

Poor Design - If you are not applying for a design role, choose a simple black font against a white background to make it easy to read and digest

Incorrect Contact Details - Make sure that your contact details are correct and up-to-date before sending out your CV. Additionally, do not include inappropriate wording in your email addresses

Transfer your skills - Your skills can be cross functional to other roles. You can take the skills from one role/qualification and get a job in another area. Donít be fooled into thinking you have to do exactly what you have always done or qualified in

Fake References - References are a great way of adding some real value to your CV. If you do not have any, donít make them up!

Once your CV is complete - read through it and also get a second opinion before sending it off to any employers

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